Most home buyers today wouldn’t think about closing on their purchase without getting a home inspection, however, they may fail to have their sewer lines examined as part of the inspection.  Top Flight Home Inspections offers video camera sewer line inspections as an add-on service to help ensure your sewer lines are in good working condition.

Sewer Scopes Get to the ‘Root’ of the Problem

While sewer scope inspections are inexpensive, blocked sewer lines and subsequent repairs are not cheap and can add up to thousands of dollars quickly.  Tree roots are the primary cause of blocked sewer lines, as roots can become invasive and force their way through even the smallest cracks.  Fortunately, roots are easy to spot using Top Flight’s video camera sewer scope.  Another cause of sewer line problems is settling or shifting of ground around the lines, which may require extensive excavation to remedy.  In older homes, sewer lines may also be constructed of clay or concrete tiles which age and crack over time.  A video inspection will quickly identify these brittle and inferior pipe materials, raising a red flag for future problems.

When you opt to have a sewer line inspection, a Top Flight home inspector will insert a long cable camera with a light on the end down your drain and all the way through your pipes to the service point, which is typically near the street.  We record each inspection, and if requested, will provide you with a copy of the sewer inspection via an SD card for future reference.

Ultimately, spending a little extra on a sewer scope before committing to your home purchase is a small price to pay to know your sewer line is in good working order.  Visit Top Flight Home Inspections today at: to schedule your home inspection and sewer scope, or call us at 614-203-9217.