A home inspection is a residential assessment that should be performed by a highly trained, qualified, and state-licensed home inspector. A thorough home inspection serves as the basis for a buyer to continue with a potential house purchase, negotiate the sale price, allow the seller to make the necessary repairs, or withdraw the sale altogether. According to Forbes, nearly 72% of Americans believe home inspections are advantageous and have greatly helped them avoid potential problems when moving into a new residence. Following are several key factors for home inspection success.

Home Inspection Success – Key Factors

  • An excellent home inspector is one who can effectively communicate with the seller and buyer to explain the process and their findings. They should have a clear format on how the home inspection process works and describe it in a manner that is easily understood by all parties. Top Flight Home Inspections LLC sends a pre-agreement email and checklist going over all covered areas of the home inspection beforehand to ensure clients understand the process.
  • The post-inspection report should be detailed, clear, concise, and complete with all photos.  Top Flight Home Inspections LLC clients receive a comprehensive report and corresponding photos within 24 hours of the completed home inspection.
  • On top of their technical know-how and knowledge, a sought-after home inspector should possess excellent professionalism and business ethics to build a long-standing reputation.  Top Flight Home Inspections LLC strives to maintain an excellent reputation for providing quality, customer-focused service.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the number of home inspection professionals to grow by 10% in 2026, or from only 105,100 in 2018 to 115,700 in just six years. Don’t trust your home inspection to a fly-by-night company; do your homework, read reviews and choose wisely!

Home Inspection Best Practices

The most comprehensive home inspection requires a specific set of skills by a practicing and qualified home inspector. Home inspectors ensure a thorough process that primarily involves an evaluation of these areas in the home: Structure & Foundation, Attic/Insulation/Ventilation, Electrical system, Roofing, Plumbing, HVAC, Appliances, and Doors/Floors/Ceilings. Additional services may include radon testing, wood destroying insect inspection, and sewer scope testing. A knowledgeable and experienced home inspector is required to get the job done right!  Be sure to check-out Top Flight Home Inspections’ 85+ 5-Star Google reviews and contact us today for your home inspection needs.